Honey for Skin

Applying honey regularly on your skin can give results beyond your imagination and can go a long way in giving you healthy, younger looking and glowing skin.
Honey moisturizes the skin deeply
The reason why honey is often found as a base ingredient for almost every beauty product is because it deeply moisturizes the skin from deep within. The enzymes present in Honey enables it to easily seep into the skin while conditioning it and softening it from deep within.
For using honey as a moisturizing mask: Use one spoon of honey on clean, dry skin, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water. It will serve as a perfect moisturizing mask.
Honey acts as a Pore Cleanser
Very few that honey can be used to cleanse pores and get rid of blackheads. Since
Honey contains antioxidants, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, it helps to rid your
skin of blackheads by removing dirt from pores. It then hydrates and tightens skin pores
for clear complexion.
For using honey as a pore cleanser: Try mixing one spoon raw honey with two spoons jojoba oil or coconut oil. Apply to clean, dry skin, and massage gently in a circular motion, avoiding your eye area. Rinse with cold water.
Honey lightens scars
Honey is a natural moisturiser as well as a natural antiseptic. This not only keeps your
skin soft and healthy, but also makes sure less of a scar is left behind. So how does
something as basic as honey do this? It minimizes any inflammation and helps heal the
skin faster. Additionally, the anti-oxidants present in honey help repair damaged skin.
For using honey to lighten scars: Mix one spoon raw honey with one spoon coconut oil or olive oil. Apply to the affected area, and massage with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion for one to two minutes. Place a hot washcloth over your skin, and let sit until cool. Repeat daily.
Honey fights Acne and Pimples
Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in not only in the
removal of excess oil from the surface of the skin but also clearing out any blockages or
clogged pores, which if not treated can cause constant breakage of acne and pimples
on the skin.
For using honey on acne and pimples:  Apply raw honey on the acne – prone areas. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse it off with tap water.

Honey reverses age
The natural antioxidants present in Honey help control wrinkles and fine lines on the
face. Applying honey on face in the form of a homemade Honey mask will help increase
your skin’s elasticity, thus making it look youthful and glowing.

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