How honey is helpful in a cough

Can honey ease a cough?

There is still no precise scientific explanation of how honey exactly eases a cough.
Those who have researched the specific benefits of honey for cough found that honey
has 181 different natural substances and suggested its antioxidant and antimicrobial
properties help ease throat problems. Honey has even been found clinically to help with
bacterial infections in open wounds!

However, most experts agree that it is not just one single ingredient in honey that
makes it an effective cough reliever. It is a combination of elements that make this
natural ingredient a powerful remedy.

Here are some facts that might help you better understand why honey works as a
natural cough suppressant:
o Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This helps clear the bacteria
and virus that's responsible for causing cough.
o Honey has antioxidant effects that protect the body from infections.
o Honey relieves inflammation or irritation that helps the mucous membranes.
o Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe a sore throat and the irritation
caused during coughing.
o Honey has an abundance of essential nutrients and enzymes that boost the
immune system and clear the cough.
How Much Honey to Take For Cough?
It is best to consume a tablespoon of honey 1-3 times daily to control your coughing.

If the cough is disrupting and does not let your sleep, eat 1 tablespoon of honey right
before going to bed. This dosage is suitable for adults. Children are allowed to take 1
teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of honey daily.
How Often Should You Take Honey For A

It's best to use honey is a combination with tea, milk or coffee. Indeed, Professor Anne
Chang says that she encourages using honey in lemon drinks, rather than taking
spoonful’s of it. Although there is not a specific limitation, it's best not to over exaggerate
and limit your daily intake to maximum 2 – 3 tablespoons.

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