Is organic good for weight loss

Want Weight Loss? Honey Is the Answer.
Honey Mixed With Warm Water
It is believed that honey has the ability to mobilize fat that had been stored in your body for
years.  When this fat is mobilized, it is then used by the body for various activities which lead
to burning of this fat and ultimately loss of weight.
Other than weight loss, honey is known to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the
body, which improves your cardiovascular health leading to reduced risks of strokes and heart
This also means that you would be able to follow a more active lifestyle, which will lead to
weight loss.

Honey (about a tablespoon) mixed with an equal amount of warm water, if drunk every

day, gives amazing results for weight loss Try it to believe it!

Honey Mixed With Lemon Juice
We are all now aware that honey is packed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals, which
help in boosting the body’s metabolism which leads to proper utilization of food and
conversion of fat into usable energy thereby improving health in general.
Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, which improves the function
of the liver and thus, metabolism.
Lemon juice also increases glutathione function, which greatly supports detoxification and
quick weight loss
Adding just 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice into honey and warm water will work as a
foolproof mantra for weight loss. Honey with lemon juice… sounds tasty too…doesn’t


Honey With Warm Water And Cinnamon
Another useful tip for making weight loss by honey even more effective is to add a tablespoon
of cinnamon powder to it. This mixture truly works as an elixir for weight loss, if drunk on an
empty stomach.
Cinnamon has been known to possess blood sugar regulating properties along with the ability
to regulate the metabolism of glucose.
In the human body, when the blood sugar levels increase, it gives rise to fat storage, which
when regulated, leads to weight loss. Honey, on the other hand anyway offers metabolism
boosting properties.
Thus, when these two magic ingredients are combined and consumed mixed with hot water
(which in itself is a great weight loss ingredient)what you get in the end is a svelte figure you
would love to flaunt!
The cinnamon oats porridge recipe is a perfect way to start the day! This is a super easy,
healthy and delicious breakfast to make for yourself or for your family.
Gives You Improved Digestion
We have time and again discussed weight loss and honey does help in weight
loss…period! Other than this, it also improves your digestive abilities, which mobilizes static
fat converting it into usable energy helping you to lose weight.
So consuming a cup of warm water with honey even after your dinner isn’t a bad idea after all,
rather a great idea! So weight watchers, get your golden elixir today and start your journey to
weight loss.
Honey with warm water offers you great fat melting properties which when combined with
lemon juice and cinnamon takes the effects to soaring heights.
Nevertheless, this does not mean that following a low calorie diet and regular exercise holds
any less importance. So, eat healthily and be fit.

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