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From the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Pure Organic Honey from Pakistan

Welcome to Organic LifeStyle Global – Pakistan. We are pleased to offer Sidr (Bairi) Honey, which is purely organic and cold extracted; which means that it is not heated. This helps to preserve the beneficial substances that are contained in raw honey. 

Organic Lifestyle Global Sidr Honey is obtained from the bee hives located in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The rich and fertile land of these areas is famous for the natural Sidr tree cultivation. This pure and raw honey is made by the honey bees which are only fed on the nectar of rare Sidr tree flowers. The Sidr tree is also known as the Jujube tree, it is special because it is 100% pesticide free. 

Vision| Our vision is to help in creating an organic lifestyle for people throughout the globe while sharing healthy organic products from Pakistan. 

Mission statement| To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person and one neighborhood at a time. 

We wish for you to have a healthy ‘organic lifestyle’ with our organic products, and we hope that you enjoy this honey as much as we do. It is indeed liquid gold, as it has been tirelessly worked upon by unstoppable bees, traveling back and forth making this magical nectar as ordered to them by the universe. Enjoy the pure taste of the Sidr Organic Honey.